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Random message repositioning

Making moves

Since upgrading to Thunderbird 115.3.1, I've been experiencing really odd behaviors when managing emails. I have the message pane turned on, but when I'm just going thru emails and deleting those that I have no need for (junk / spam / etc), it sometimes will randomly scroll to a new position, after I delete a message.  The old interface certainly didn't do that, and I'm frustrated that I have to re-locate where the highlighted message has gone.  This is ridiculous, and no idea why it's happening, or if others are seeing the same behavior.  I hope that this will get looked at by the devs and fixed soon.  I can tolerate most of the other changes (as much as I'm disappointed that there's not a "legacy" view option that makes the upgrade look like the old), but chasing around my list of emails trying to find what's highlighted is just a frustration.

If others are seeing similar behavior, I can go file a bug, however I wanted to confirm that others are experiencing the same issue first.


Making moves

I'm having the same problem, but it doesn't happen every time. I haven't been able to figure out any correlation to what I'm doing when it does or doesn't happen unfortunately, but so far when it does go to some random loaction if I hit the up or down button on my keyboard it relocates me back to near where I last was. A little easier than scrolling for the last location though still far from ideal and it adds to the time it takes to go through e-mail. It definitely acts more like a bug than a feature since it's inconsistent and has no fathomable purpose. I'm going to file it as a bug too.

Making moves

I have Tbird 115.3.2  and I have similar experiences. When I switch from one email account to a second one, and then switch back to the first one, the message list pane has shifted to a much different place that it was in when I last (just a few seconds earlier) visited it.

It looks as if perhaps if I have actually opened a message for that account, then when I returnee to it I think it still is positioned to show that message. But otherwise It is in a position whose basis I can't yet discern.

I normally keep my message lists set to sort with the latest messages at the bottom, and keep Tbird open all the time. When I go to Tbird to check my traffic, often I have to scroll a great distance before the bottom of the list - and thus my new messages - is in view.

I'm not sure what the principle of this new scheme is, but it does not work out well for me at all.

I suppose this is a new "feature", but for me it is very bug-like.

I see the same. This couldn't possibly be construed as a feature; it's a bug plain and simple!

Making moves

I have about the same issue. When I'm opening Thunderbird 115.3.2 in the morning, I'm expecting to see first the latest emails. Those which came during the night, but sometimes I see emails from yesterday, and this morning, it was the messages from a year ago. I understand it's easy to scroll, but there should a fix so that the latest received emails appear first.

Making moves

Same issue after latest update to TB 115.3.3 (32b Win10) - switching between ANY folder (automatic and own creations), even if back and forth between the same two, results in a random position somewhere in the middle of all the messages in the latest-opened folder.

Please can there be a fix soon to have it stay at last viewed or latest at the bottom, like before.

I'm seeing exactly the same problem since the recent major "upgrade" (115.3.3). Selecting any subfolder (other than the top-level Inbox) always results in the message list being scrolled to some apparently random middle position, instead of the last-selected message (i.e. normally the most recent) as before. Please correct this annoying behaviour.

Found something new on this issue this morning:
Multiple accounts, selecting the first account inbox always shows latest email (sorted date ascending).  Select other account always scrolls to somewhere in the middle of the inbox (> 1400 emails, so scrolling involved to get back to most recent.)  This morning after selecting the other account I tried the down arrow, which took me to the Drafts folder, then the up arrow, and amazingly it now showed the most recent message in the Inbox.  I'm hoping that knowing that this behavior exists will make it easy for the developers to fix the scroll problem on account selection.  (I'm on 15.5.0)


Making moves

Same issue for me as well.  Frustrated by this Thunderbird version.

Making moves

I experience this, and also have lost the ability to highlight several messages and delete them all at once... it will only delete the final highlighted message. Really frustrating loss of a key standard feature.

Making moves

Same problem here!! Delete a message and the list jumps! Most irritating!!