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bug in Thunderbird Supernova - quick filter not scrolling to latest message

Making moves

New Supernova version of Thunderbird has a lot of bug and slow downs, someone has fixed in releases, others are still there (too bugs for an official release, many users disappointed).

One annoying bug is in quick filter: when filtering in a folder with many messages, they are filtered correctly but focus don't go on showing the latest messages (as all older versions did) but it scrolls in a random position showing some old messages (useless), then you have always to scroll manually to view last messages.

And another: if I have a message selected in a folder, then I open another folder, then I return again on the first folder, it shows again that message that was selected, instead of scolling to show the most recent ones. For me it is useless to focus back to an old message, and in fact previous versions did not do this. Is there an option to avoid keeping focus on a message when I change folder, like was in previous versions? Or is another bug to fix?