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Problems with the AddOn NoScript

Making moves

SInce many years I work with Firefox and the AddOn NoScript on Windows OSs.

SInce a few months I experience problems with this AddOn on the portal of Meetup whenever there is a database inquiry. When I deactivate or deinstall the AddOn it doesn't help, but as soon as I install a new version of Firefox everything works okay. Then I activate or install the AddOn again and the problem is there again - and again deactivating or uninstalling the AddOn doesn't help, only a new installation of Firefox.

So for me it looks like NoSrcript is breaking something in the Firefox program that can only be corrected through a new installation.

Are there more reports like this? Couldn't find something.

I had to stop to work with the AddOn NoSrcipt but would be glad to be able to use it again.