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Stutter and hickups when scrolling in MacOS Ventura!

Making moves

Hello, community /devs / support!

Well, Ive had severe problems with scrolling on my MBP Pro M1 13" since I got the it. The problem has always been works on Chrome, and Firefox. Safari was struggling to at the beginning, but with latest versions of safari it is much, much smoother in scrolling. Not sure what theyve changed, but they should give you the key to fix this I think (or do you already know whats causing this?). I read somewhere that the ARM archictectures integrated GPU-part (if thats not separate) is not working as well as anyone wanted. Therefore, you get stutters and hickups when scrolling (using built in trackpad, not tried mouse).

What info do you have about this to give us users? Google macbook m1 lag stutter or similar and you shall find Im not alone with this problem. But you might already now that, heard that.

Thats the last piece of Firefox that Im waiting for to work better really. A built in "reader" would be nice as well, without an addon. Otherwize I truly enjoy your browser.

All best.

PS. It might have been a tad better after latest releases of Firefox and Venture. Not sure though.