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Firefox mobile needs more context menu entries, Desktop needs less

Making moves

Its very weird. Both are pretty much the same browser, while mobile seeming totally underpowered, Desktop a bit too much.



  • No "save link as bookmark"
  • No Addon context menu entries (Ublock, Noscript, more)


  • Nothing with containers of course
  • No Addon entries (Singlefile)


way too many context menu entries, the entire reason this project exists.

It seems Firefox tries to please everyones workflow by allowing to do the same action in 2-4 different places. This is weird and clutters the UI extremely. Also Developer tools are integrated, that should be opt-in, as Firefox should be a user browser.


  • Inspect
  • new Window actions (not everyone uses multiple windows)
  • Private window (makes no sense as the threat is websites not local attacks 90% of the time)
  • Pocket (okay this will probably stay...)
  • Inspect


  • Reopen closed tab: the Addon is way better at using this functionality, more intuitive
  • close tab? You got the "x" for that
  • Close multiple tabs? Really nieche
  • Bookmark tab? You got the star for that


  • Email Image
  • Inspect

Blank page

  • Pocket
  • Select all?
  • inspect
  • view source? not for everyone
  • another way to create a bookmark, all buttons again implemented, why?

unified searchbar

  • options are common keyboard bindings and should be opt-out, apart from things like "Paste and go" or "Redo" that are untypical


I am sure I forgot something, especially more context options for mobile, for images and more.

Mobile is underpowered but actually has a good approach, it just is not customizable enough but forces this minimalism and one-way-to-do on everyone.

Desktop is cluttered, has no GUI (or even officially documentation) way of changing context entries and seems like a total mess.


Less is often more. If you remove all that bloat you can actually add some buttons, like the home button, the "temporary container button" or the "redo closed tab" button (Addons).


What do you think?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Some other ideas for improving the context menus:

Modern context menus everywhere 

Ability to Edit Context Menus 


Making moves

I'm not gonna vote for this suggestion because it includes too many disparate suggestions, some of which I disagree with, some of which I agree with.

what do you agree with and want dont?