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Tiling/ Convergence of Firefox Desktop, currently its unusable

Making moves

This combines multiple problems in one:


  • For some reason there is this empty space at the top left only when not fullscreen (probably to grab)
  • pinned tabs don't collapse on tiling
  • The "v" button for tab menu is not removable
  • There is a space between the "v" button and the window action buttons "_ [] x"


  • There are too many icons in the URL bar. Left: nonremovable Shield and Settings icon, too big HTTPS icon
    • "Protection" and cookies could be combined in one menu
    • the https icon could be hidden, icon only shown if its HTTP, and in red
    • in general the icons could be smaller like in Chrome
  • right side: Addons can place nonremovable entries in the URL bar, this sucks.
  • Addons dont collapse

This results in a window that is unusable, no URL bar visible and only a single tab shown.


This is not a very edgy and rare scenario, it can happen quite fast, due to the problems I mentioned.

A solution would be to:

  • collapse the pinned tabs, maybe to the side
  • remove the empty space on the left
  • remove some URL-bar icons
  • make possible to remove Addon URLbar icons
  • collapse pinned addons anyways