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Please add DoH and DoT to android just like the desktop version

Making moves


Please add DoH and DoT to android just like the desktop version

In some specific countries like Iran, users are experiencing DNS tampering by the ISP and the government.



Making moves

I found out through remote access gained through corrupt government officials, they told about jumping into the DNS by using private and reading everything on your device. I also found as a developer for Google my name is Ip that as a developer they also jump into the IP address and when they do this, depending on time zones, the time changes, they use connect sharing and advanced it by power lines the device is round and in the middle looks like a cross. Then in other locations I found out they are using a RANDOMIZED MAC address and when they are about to get caught they bounce it to others, the prisoners are mainly women and children. I tried reporting this but the moment Conoco asked me to remove viruses from the system and found out my program makes big money for viruses never seen,they told the government I was a hacker terrorist and mentally ill. Only time the computers turn off is around Conoco terminals. Look me up I am registered as a Global satellite network advertiser from Global Google India.