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New user switching from Chrome

Making moves


I've tried Firefox in the past a few times and always came back to Chrome.

I wanted to give it another go, as I do every few years.

So, the transition wasn't the best, here's my 5 cents:

1. Starting Firefox with OS and Keeping its process running in the background when there are no open windows, to minimize startup and that all the extensions wouldn't have to load again and again every time I open a window... There was some add-on called 'minimize to tray' that doesn't exist anymore, but in my opinion it should be native...

2. Some native Firefox functionality opens in a new Windows instead of a new tab and there is no way to change that! Like Bookmarks Library, History, Downloads etc... Why? it's 2022.

3. Some extensions compared to chrome doesn't exist here and those that are, way less functioning, as if the developers doesn't want to improve them... But it's not Firefox problem, so...

4. Rich text notifications on MS Windows... Somehow it looks that Firefox can't use the native Windows UI for notifications and Action Center in Windows 10/11.

5. And overall Chrome UI and functionality seems to be more polished and easier compared to Firefox, although Firefox a little more Customizable in terms of UI.

3 and 4 I can find some solutions or try to live without, but the first, second, and fifth are a huge dealbreaker for me. So I'm back to Chrome, AGAIN. 😞

Till next time.


6. Forgot another one. No way to create website shortcuts to start menu, so they will act as separate apps. Also no PWA support natively, there's a workaround with PWA addon but not ideal..

7. Another one. No way to add custom search engines from any website with keywords.. not even through an addon......


Making moves

As for the 4th problem, I have the same issue. Here is a related idea that may help to change this.😁

Making moves

I've been a Firefox user from its inception. Just switched to Chrome.

Too many simple links just won't work. Uses too much memory. Loads slowly. Less secure sites can't be accessed; not even given a choice. And the menu double spacing is crazy. Wish I could go back to an older version of 10 or 20 years ago. Firefox is more easily customizable than Chrome, but was even better back then.

Sorry to have to say Good-Bye.