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New Thunderbird's 115 look is amazing!

Making moves

I'm not sure this is the right place, but the new TB 115 is amazing to me, and I thought I'd just share this 🙂 as a simple user, I'm really really happy about it

It is a lot more pleasant to use than the old look, and more functional too

The only thing I'm personally missing is a simpler way to mark emails as "Unread" in Cards View. I use that a lot, as it makes an easy "to-do" counter in the Folder pane.
Now that I think of it, an alternative would be to have a counter for Tags..

In any case, I wished to write a "thank you" for the great job!


Making moves

eww, no, it's garbage

Making moves

Just came here to express my appreciation, as well. With so much software nowadays (looking at you, Firefox) redesigning for the sake of redesign and frequently losing functionality along the way, it was an immense relief to see Thunderbird actually improve the interface in many significant ways, and do it with respect for users who value information density.

Making moves

I like many, many others have to disagree, 115 is worse than previous versions. The GUI (thats ghastly user interface..) is hard on the eyes, distracting and very buggy.  The header now takes up an extra line, which for real life users with a 14inch laptop equals a big waste of space. There are so many bugs, I wonder if anyone did beta testing?

And then the developers disown all the useful feedback.  Developmnet Team - Turn round and open your eyes to stop the exodus to other readers.