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Make Firefox mobile a competitor to Chromeos' Chrome

Making moves

Disclaimer: This isn't a complaint at much as it is context to epxlain my idea(sorry for bad english). tldr;make firefox mobile more like desktop app to be more comfortable in chromeos, I know there is a linux version you can install, but my chromebook's hardware is ass and it runs like netscape

So I'm a long time firefox user and got this new chromebook lenovo 300e ast but got forced to use chrome as my main browser. All my stuff was missing, so I got firefox from the play store and it was not a pleasing experience: half the customization options there are in the desktop version, uncomfortable interface, etc (I don't want to make this sound like a firefox mobile hate post)

I searched up if I could get desktop firefox running on this pc and it turned out, yes you can through Linux, got it barely running, and it's so slow in comparison to chrome in this computer, I can imagine that's because this thing isn't very powerful (I know nothing about Linux or how to optimize it).

The point is, Firefox Mobile should not be uncorfomtable to use, I don't really understand how developing apps works but isn't there a way to make the "chromebook version" of the app in the google store more "desktop-like"? like, the desktop mode only makes things huge and hard to load (visually), I mean, some way of making the app have the appearance of a desktop app just like chrome is doing (I have no idea what I'm talking about)

The Mobile app feels so empty, the home page is barely customizable unlike the desktop version, the tool bar (search bar?) is huge and is weird to use in a chromebook, the way tabs work on phones make sense because is the bast way to save visual room while being functional, but it doesn't really apply to a computer screen where you have all the space to use. There aren't zoom options like in the desktop app (set default zoom percentage, things like that).

I really don't have the way of communicating any helpful or meaningful feedback or ideas to this dissatisfaction, but if someone who does sees this, please leave some comments on my message to add some voices to the conversation, and hopefully have the proper words to describe what I mean.

Hope you have a nice night