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Latest Thunderbird Update Flaw

Making moves

Hello Team:

The latest release of TB for Win is flawed.  When messages are received and the message count is increased, this value is displayed on the top level of directory ONLY when the directory tree is collapsed.  When I go to see the new messages and open the tree, there is no indication of new messages on any of the underlying folders.  SO, how am I supposed to know which folder to open to see the new messages?  This has changed as the message counts did display below the top level before.  I have many accounts and many many folders and cannot spend time playing wack-a-mole to find the new messages.  THIS IS AN URGENT MATTER.

Also, for those of us long time users, changing the UI is simply a stupid waste of our time and we do not care about looks, only that it works.  So please give more consideration before you spend time on cosmetic changes, which in this case have broken the usability of the program.


Making moves

Latest update of 115.3.1 has slowed my TB to a crawl.  Time to move onto another email client.  Does anyone have any suggestion how I can migrate my old TB email to another email client?  Would appreciate any help.

Making moves

Frankly, I don't care much about the appearance change either. Before version 115 I was very happy with the usage, but now we can't deal with the crashes and I'm looking for a solution to recover the app. I think we need to be a little patient.

Making moves

Thank God, after my recent Windows 11 update, Thunderbird is back to normal.  Not sure what happened but it's really nice that Thunderbird is back to its original responsive self.  Perhaps you folks may like to update your Windows 11 to see if it will help you.

Making moves

Yeah another piece of software goes down the wrong road with it's unnecessary GUI change that doesn't improve anything. And if that wasn't bad enough going to v115 also modifies the profile so you can't roll back to the previous version (had to resort to a backup to get it done). 

@PMason12023 Are you sure you're not overlooking a (View?) setting?