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How disable auto focusing into search bar when new tab in Firefox for iOS

Making moves

I remember old Firefox for iOS hadn't had search bar auto-focusing when new tab.

But unnoticeably it got search bar auto-focusing, and this feature is very unusable.

So I want to disable it and I cannot find configuration for disabling auto-focus when new tab.

Dear members, could you tell me how to disable search bar auto-focusing in Firefox for iOS, please?

Or I hope that adding it as new configuration.

Thank you.


Making moves

Have the exact same problem and request. It’s such an irritating issue that I’m considering moving away from Firefox on iOS. 

Making moves

Same issue here, it’s been irritating me ever since this feature has been implemented. 

Making moves

Same issue here!

It's very annoying. Pls provide a solution for us.

Making moves

Same here, the amount of times switching between apps, and not being able to pick up where I left of, are countless. Thus this ‘feature’ heavily breaks my workflow.