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Firefox Problems after Update V 115

Making moves

last night I did the update from version 114 to version 115.
Since this update, the browser just hangs and no longer runs smoothly! Sometimes it takes 2-5 seconds until either an entry is possible or the page is fully loaded. These problems do not exist with other browsers (Chrome and Opera).
I have already cleared the cache, disabled the addons, created a new user and reinstalled the browser - all to no avail!
I've also seen the RAM increase from 4GB to 25GB since then.
Something is trying to load Firefox to the bitter end.

To the Firefox team: Please fix this problem quickly!

To the community: Do you have the same problems to report?


Making moves

Same here. 115 is high in RAM usage, for me its about 8 gigs. I just posted the same thread in the discussion, I will try to take it down now.

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Making moves

After trying all sorts of things, it seems like the option to "clear startup cache" in the menu "more troubleshooting information" repaired everything, i cannot confidently confirm this since firefox slowdowns seems to build up in time but so far so good.

Nvm, the issue is still on

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For me the update fails and I am told to download the product. When I try to download it I get some kind of security error that will not let me connect. Someone messed things up real good.

Guess I am going to just stick with 114 and forget about any future updates since these issues have not been addressed.

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I'm actually here using Chrome because the update to 115 has made Firefox unusable. Every tab crashes. Nothing opens. Not happy.

Me too!!

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ANOTHER PROBLEM IS THE BOOKMARK SYNC LOST on several machines was reverted to an old old sync

so all the machines on the network lost new passwords and new bookmarks added over the year..  Any new

machine added to the netwok are automatically synced to the obsolete old sync data...




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The lost SYNC problem lost new bookmarks and passwords trouble seems to be at the source of the

MASTER SYNC file responsible to update user account bookmarks and passwords.  The MASTER FIREFOX SYNC storage file was reset to to distribute last years SYNC data...  HAVE NO IDEA where is

the Firefox MASTER SYNC file storage location responsible for updating added book marks and passwords


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Reading all the complaints it is obvious Firefox SYNC has no central file source and was

programmed to SYNC all computers on the network at the same time having no TO and FROM direction option...  The programmer should ADD one more line as a WARNING after

clicking on SYNC NOW  the message should indicate all the computer machines on the network with the last SYNC date to help understand what machine shall be updated iusing  the SYNC NOW command...  The dates on each machine should indicate the last sync

TIME UPDATE to understand the NEW SYNC NOW  update requested from the active user

Firefox command line delivered to and from all the machines active on the  network


Making moves

I'm not sure if this is the correct discussion thread (first time giving feedback), but here it goes.  After the major update to 115, I can no longer navigate to a specific bookmark folder using the sequence Bookmarks - Bookmark Current Tab - then getting the Add Bookmark window with navigation options.  Doing so now, defaults a save to last folder location (the Add Bookmark window never appears).  I can navigate to a specific bookmark by right-clicking on the actual tab I want to save, then choosing 'Bookmark Tab'.  Then I get the 'Add Bookmark' window, giving me various options.  Would there be any problems bringing back that additional functionality?


Familiar face

With each new version they keep introducing new problems. I am currently running version 100 and might try something even older, because even that version has some problems. I am also having trouble finding legacy Addons. These should be made available for those of us using an older browser.