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XP Addons - Where Are They Now?

Familiar face

Tools-->Addons-->Search and its not finding anything. Where are the XP Addons? Don't tell me that you don't support it anymore. I want the legacy Addons. I want to be able to save them somewhere so that I can restore my computer. I am not going to throw my nice Laptop in the trash. That's my travel computer. I have not traveled in a while, and when I tried to use the computer, Firefox was not working properly anymore. Version 52.9 is the latest one for XP. No more newer versions. If I want to use that version on my other computer, I should be allowed to do so without some wiseguy saying we don't support it anymore. I don't want support. I want the old Addons. Where are they? PLEASE MAKE THEM AVAILABLE TO LEGACY USERS.