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If I have Microsoft Word open, the computer will eventually hangup when Firefox is open at the same time. It seems to me there is some sort of memory address conflict. Two different programs accessing the same memory locations creates a conflict betw...
This morning Firefox would not enable itself until after it made a connection with a Server. There was an error message on the screen indicating that connection with the server could not be made. So I log into the DSL Account a second time and now it...
109.0b7 Doesn't Crash My Computer, however 109 does. There is clearly a difference between these two versions.
I keep waiting for Firefox and the Harddrive is chunking away, but the Browser still is not available 5 minutes later. It's doing something, but it's not working. So I tried to Turn Off Automatic Updates, however Firefox no longer allows you to do so...
This page keeps freezing while I'm trying to submit an issue. Don't Check My Title to see if someone else has submitted the same problem. Let me type without interference.