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Firefox mobile (android)- display order of tabs

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Wishlist for Firefox Mobile (Android) 

Hello together,

I just wanted to share a potential improvement in functionality in Firefox mobile (Android) when switching from the normal browsing tab window to the incognito tab browsing mode and back. To further explain my matter, I'll provide you with a description of how I use firefox, both on desktop and on my smartphone:

I'm would describe my browsing habits as kind of chaotic, since I'm literally a "tab" collector. When I search for something and I find some valuable or interesting information about a certain topic on a website, I'll keep it open in the normal browsing window until I don't need it anymore and just continue browing in a new tab. Therefore, I have over 100 tabs currently open in firefox mobile and about 200 open on the desktop version. It also happens quite often that I'll search for something in the incognito tab, not for any dubious reasons but just because e.g. I don't want to mess up my youtube algorithm or because I don't deem the subject that I'm searching for as relevant to my usual interests (those searches are normally just out of curiosity) and I don't want that tab to be in my normal browsing window.

Now to the issue on firefox android: As I said, I have over 100 tabs currently open and every time I'll switch over to the incognito window to open a tab there and switch back to my normal window, I'll end up at the first and chronologially most oldest tab in that window. So if I want to get to my most recently opened tab again, I have to scroll from the first tab all the way to the bottom and over time this gets quite annoying and you sometimes get lost in finding a specific tab of the more recent ones. I have already searched the settings to see if there's any option you can select to get the most recent tabs displayed when switching from incognito mode back to normal mode, but unfortunately I didn't find anything.

Therefore, my suggestion would be to maybe change the display order of tabs in that particular situation or to even include an option to select which tabs should be displayed when changing the modes. I have used google chrome and opera in the past on android as well and as far as I know, there aren't such issues when switching from incognito to normal mode and you'll always get the most recent tab displayed when doing so.

I just wanted to give you this input, as there might be also other people having the same issues as me. Otherwise, I really enjoy using the firefox browser on desktop and firefox and I think that the overall functionality is working great. Especially the tab management and the history on firefox for desktop is outstanding and way better than in google chrome or opera.

Thank you for your attention and best regards!