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Bad SSL encryptions and autorefresh issue

Making moves

I have no clue where the weak SSL Cipher Suites could have come from.

I have checked the latest FF version 121.0.1 configuration and even tried adding them to disabling them by giving them status 'False'. No change.

I have tried implementing only using strong SSL Cipher Suites by Group Policy, there is also no change.

I have tried clean install and reset own device and still no change. There seems to be bad server configurations from somewhere. Who's it is I have no clue.

One thing I don't see the same issues on smartphones, only on Windows 11 OS. It has been noticed ever since maybe last four versions that this issue persisting. I haven't tried to see if the issue resolves by going back to earlier version if this is gone or not.

Also current latest version suffers on autorefresh on multiple tabs open, when you tab on the one you want to look into it automatically refreshes the page even when by about configuration from FF no never use autorefresh, it does it anyways. It recently also just crashed and when I was in process of writing about the crash to report it back, it just closed never finishing the report back.

Might this be a result of configuration deprecation's from earlier versions? Only testing it from earlier version would really yield what configuration deprecated has resulted this, I think.