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Firefox is suggesting me my old (removed) bookmark

Making moves

as stated in title, which is very strange, since i have removed the bookmark and i have multichecked everywhere and make sure it does not exist anymore. I have even cleard all history and every data i have. Still suggest me the same thing. Disable "suggest bookmark" doesn't work but oddly disabling "suggest history" works. Yes, i heard that you can manually pop firefox suggestion on firefox pc, but it is not the case on mobile.

That implies to me that firefox is storing my data somewhere on my firefox account that i couldnt manage, which creeps me out and i dont like the idea that i have no control of my own data.

imo, firefox account manager should provide more features for user to better control of their own data because ironically, google does all of that despite that they are notorious of privacy invasive (though whether they actually removed the data or not is another thing)