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Firefox behaving weirdly on Mac for Move window to sode of screen

Making moves

I set up on my Mac a behaviour similar to one I like on PC: a shortcut to move a window to the right or left of screen. It is equivalent to the "Move Window to Left Side on Screen" that can be accessed through hover on the green window button (but much more practical and quicker).
But with Firefox it does not work: the window does go to the side of the screen… then instantly comes back center.

Painful and a reason to change browser for me 😕



Does the window stay where you moved it if you use the mouse method (only the keyboard shortcut method fails)? Or does it fail either way?

I have this problem as well and it only doesnt work when you use the keyboard shortcut

Can confirm that the issue is only when you use the keyboard shortcut. Using mouse method on the green window button or from the Window menu works fine.

Using a shortcut moves the window to the side and then to Zoom. Very inconvenient.

I can also confirm that the window only bounces back when using the custom keyboard shortcut, not when using the mouse.

Weirdly, it works for some keyboard shortcuts (like ctrl-option-1 or cmd-option-w) but doesn't for others (like cmd-option-q). I can see no pattern though, it's not like there is an action bound to those that don't work...

Making moves

I have exactly the same problem. Using the mouse works fine, but when using the shortcut the window moves to the side and then comes back to its original position.

The shortcut works fine with other applications, the issue can be seen only with Firefox.

Making moves

Having exactly the same issue. All of these (custom-added) shortcuts shown below work for all windows except the 'move window to left/right of screen' for firefox, where it will immediatly jump back. Performing the same action from the green button on the top left works just fine.

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 11.03.31.png

Making moves

same problem

Making moves

I have noticed that if I hold my shortcut keys down for several seconds, the window will slide back and forth several times and usually settle on the correct side of screen.

Making moves

Exact same problem here. Easily replicable - simply add a hotkey for "Move window to right side of screen" and it wont work properly for firefox.

Making moves

I filed a bug:

For now, try to use a different keyboard shortcut. For example ctrl-option-1 seems to work for me (as long as the curor is not in a text field).

Making moves

Only work around I found is if you hold down to the shortcut keys, the firefox window will move back and forth to the direction you want and the center. Hold it down for like 1-2 sec and try to release when its moving towards the side of the screen you want. Annoying way to work around it until its fixed...

Making moves

same issue here, most shortcuts that i can come up with that don't conflict with text editing shortcuts cause this

Making moves

How on earth has this not been fixed?! Every single feature of Firefox has to be turned off, modified or remain broken for it to become a replacement. I don't think anyone at Mozilla currently understands this. Only redeeming feature at this point is Ublock Origin on Youtube compared to any Chromium browser.