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Firefox v.s. Windows 10 Multiple Desktops

Making moves

I'm a heavy user of the virtual desktop feature in Windows 10.
Whenever I restart Firefox it forgets which window was on which virtual desktop. Every window opens on whichever desktop I'm currently viewing. This is particularly frustrating because I keep a lot of Firefox windows open, and even though I don't restart very often, moving them all to their respective desktops is rather a tedious chore.

I don't know if the issue lies with Windows 10 or Firefox but so far this misbehavior is exclusive to Firefox. Every other browser (Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi) keeps track of its windows with regard to virtual desktops. Not to mention essentially every other piece of software.

Firefox behaves as expected on Windows 11 .


Making moves

Have you figured out what is happening?

I'm having the same issue... and whats annoying is that it WAS working fine until a few months ago for me and then suddenly stopped. ......

Well, kinda?   There are still times when windows end up on the right virtual desktops.  I haven't figured out when that is though.