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Firefox doesn't respect Windows color filters for images and videos, creating an accessibility probl

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Windows implements color filters for people with color blindness, and people with other visual impairments. A new feature of Firefox maintains image colors while allowing the color of everything else to change. Although this is obviously desirable sometimes, this feature can break accessible workflows.

For example, I use the color inversion filter via keyboard shortcut to quickly make images more readable. With this update, color filters aren't respected, and I can't read these images. I would love to see a feature to disable this functionality. In the meantime, I'm going to have to switch to a less privacy-focused browser that doesn't break this accessibility feature.


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oh, so it wasn't just me having this issue. i've been trying to fix this for like, an hour and a half. i invert my screen colors all the time to see images easier, and firefox seems to have just broken that. this is unacceptable.

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Same problem here... this is VERY FRUSTRATING!


I've had windows set up for years with a simple color inversion shortcut that makes surfing the web much easier... I'm legally blind.  Well now that doesn't work... Mozilla needs to FIX THIS

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This started happening to me after updating to version 122. It now inverts images and videos back to positive when enabling color inversion on Windows. I have tried looking in the about:config options but can't find anything to disable this behavior. This is really annoying and should NOT be forced upon us.

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At about:config

try setting layout.css.inverted-colors.enabled to true

Makes no difference.

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Too bad.