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FF and the horrendous starting / loading delays with Outlook

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Does anyone else have terribly long waiting times when you log in to MS Outlook and have to wait several minutes before you can start either reading or responding to emails?


Latest FF and everything up to date with Win 10


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Surely I can't be the only one with this problem ?

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If anyone is interested, I just fired up Outlook in Chrome and no issues at all with having to wait before the program became useable.

This just means that it is indeed FF that is SLOW to load and use Outlook.

I would love to hear from someone within the FF programming side of things to get their take on this issue, especially given the above results.

Also, Chrome typically has some six to eight instances running, but FF has upwards of Twelve in most cases with significantly larger resource drains on both RAM and CPU draws.

Thank you.

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particularly the issue of long waiting times when logging in and accessing emails. This could be a common frustration experienced by many users, and it's worth exploring potential reasons and solutions for this issue.

Here are some thoughts on this topic:

  1. Server Performance: Long waiting times when logging in to MS Outlook could be due to server performance issues on Microsoft's end. If the server is experiencing high traffic or technical difficulties, it can slow down the login process and delay access to emails.

  2. Internet Connection: Another factor that can contribute to long waiting times is the speed and stability of your internet connection. Slow or unstable internet connections can lead to delays in loading emails and other Outlook features