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When link is clicked in Outlook for Mac, firefox 117 does not open the link if it needs to start

Making moves

When I click on any link in Outlook for Mac when FireFox 117 (FF) is not currently running, FF starts with the home page only and does not open the link.  If I click on a link when FF is already running, it behaves as expected and opens the link.


Making moves

Exactly same issue here, very annoying, and it's not only in Outlook. If you are using Timemachine, you are in luck: you can restore FF to an earlier version, for me 115.0.2 (as this was before I went on holidays). You lose your profile and bookmarks, but that's easily restored by synchronising with your FF account (if you have one) or from another browser, apart from some settings and managed cookies. When you fire up FF first time, do it without any internet connection and then untick the automated update, that lets you keep the older version. At least until those hiccups are resolved...