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encountered Issues between Firefox and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15 home

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Issues encountered between Firefox and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15 home

I have a fairly powerful computer, icore5 with 16 megagrams. I need dragon because my disability no longer allows me to use a mouse and keyboard. So I have to control my computer by voice. Here the only possible software is Nuance Dragon.

the Dragon software works well for word processing but if I use it on Firefox mozilla, many Internet functions do not work.
Of course, I installed the nuance dragon home 15 extension for Firefox which is displayed in the top right of the navigation along with the other extensions.

Nuance says it's Firefox's fault, nuance says they sent all the specs to the Mozilla developer who didn't fit the browser enough.
It's always easy to blame someone else and we agree that home dragon 15 is much less efficient than Dragon home 11.5
But I still call on you.

Here are the problems encountered:
- when I browse on Firefox, and I ask "show links" to avoid using the mouse painfully, nothing happens... or else dragon writes "show links". so I have a lot of trouble navigating.
I specify that this command works in general but not always on chrome.
Could someone look into this issue and verify that Mozilla has been updated on this...

I don't use any browser other than Firefox.

Thanks for your feedback about this,