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Delete certificate

Making moves

This is Feedback.

I'm not a web developer. I'm a User of Firefox in a business context. That might have to change, i guess, because of this issue.

When I have an expired certificate, and need to establish a new one, i cannot delete the old one so that it stays deleted. I have tried many times, with the same result.

- I go to Privacy & Security, - go to View Certificate, - select the certificate i need to delete, - Click Delete, - Click OK, and it is removed from the list, - I close Firefox.

I restart Firefox, and go to verify the certificate is removed, and IT'S BACK.

Why has this not been fixed? Is this the right place to make this request?

Deleted certificates should remain deleted.

Also, why is the newer certificate for the same provider placed at the END of the list, instead of at the TOP? I presume that being at the TOP should result in it being hit first, and allowing the access.