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Chromium Linux is "De-Googled": It is time to Mozilla-ify it!

Making moves

Chromium for Linux has been stripped of Google sync and other such silly things. It's time to Mozilla-ify it with: 

  • Mozilla VPN for Chromium plug-in. This would be in-browser VPN for $4.99/month 
  • #MozillaSync plugin for Chromium to sync between Firefox and Chromium. 
  • #FirefoxTabs plugin to load tabs using the Firefox rendering engine. At this point, Chromium is basically just acting as an "OS" within the OS, to launch Firefox (which could communicate directly to the canvas and GL/Vulkan, of course) 
  • Firefox would, of course, remain its own dedicated browser. This merely aims to make life for those of us who by necessity don't want to use Dashlane or something a bit easier and more secure... and makes others think of Firefox as a privacy-focused web browser, even when it comes to competing products. 

Making moves

Oke Thanks bro