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Built-in translation: should be less intrusive

Making moves


I like the new (beta) built-in and offline translation tool.

After a few tries, it seems really effective for English to French translation.

But, the small pop-up showing for every new website is absolutely and very quickly annoying!

I think that, after being shown a couple of times, the user has well understood what is possible and no longer needs to see this pop-up each time (we can assume he / she has already understood the way it works).

By the way, in the associated Preferences panel, it would be great to have a list of available languages named in the local language, not just in English. It would ease the selection for the user. As an example, and as a French speaker, I'm not 100% sure that "Dutch" means actually "Néerlandais".

Thanks for the great and tireless work.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks, this is great feedback—will pass along to the Translations team! For ideas and new features that you think would improve the new translations feature, be sure to submit them in the Ideas section here on Connect.