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The intrusive, pushy and patronizing addition of translations is obnoxious.

Making moves

I'm sure people at Mozilla are proud of their latest feature, but the way it's being shoved down my throat while I'm trying to use my browser as, surprise, and f-ing web browser, is just really obnoxious.

I expect this kind of trashy behavior from Microsoft, Google or Facebook, but not from Firefox and not from an org like Mozilla. It's like f-ing Clippy, only without the fun cartoon character.

It doesn't even have a simple complete off switch. This is horrible UX. If this annoying feature keeps interfering with my browsing I'm switching back to Chrome.

If I want translations, I will turn on translations. Make it opt-in.


Making moves

It's worse, after disabling it in about:config. It is back after an update. This final push to an unwanted function made me decide that Firefox will no longer be the browser of my choice. Mozilla is being absolutely moronic.

Making moves

On the other hand, this translate feature is invisible on my current 108.0.1 and previous 108.0 versions.

Perhaps my PC doesn't have enough heft? Windows 10 22H2 with and AMD FX-6300 CPU and 16GB RAM.
Ah, I just had a look at the About:Config. It looks like the autoTranslate feature is now opt-in as the flag is set to FALSE by default apparently.