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Android version of Firefox janky

Making moves

Hey there, I've fully switched to Firefox from brave around a week ago and have honestly been enjoying the experience for the most part but would like to address that the Android version of the browser honestly is very inconsistent when using it, I'll share a few of the stuff I've noticed over here without further extending this text.

1. There are pretty much no gesture controls, swiping right or left from the edges don't do anything at all, the available ones are also either weirdly executed or barely work at times.


2. The browser is stuttery and unresponsive at times, switching from page to page pretty much crashes or freezes the application sometimes.


3. The attention to detail elements do not fully add up, swiping up (going down) a page till it finishes makes the browser go jelly as it's supposed to like in chromium but doing so to the other side of the page just gives you an abrupt stop.


4. Some UI elements look dated; such as the on/off sliders in settings


5. Customization and addons currently lack on mobile


6. There is also a lack of features in the browser, such as the option to preview images like in chromium based browsers


7. Scrolling (desktop too) seems off for some reason, at times clicky


8. The browser is once again very inconsistent, scrolling down sometimes brings you up and sometimes opens the down links menu so you're always fighting with the browser to scroll through the page (other side if option is that i Believe)


9. Having to use extensions for everything is kind of outdated at this point, why can't the browser have a built-in adblocker that can be set as one pleases or turned off altogether? That'd probably improve the performance of the browser as the Blocklists probably would be more hand-picked and consistent, canvas fingerprinting protection and a few other on browser features too would be amazing mobile and desktop


10. (Desktop) The ability to directly control the color management setting in the normal settings would i believe at least be good to have and eliminate any confusion on why certain elements might look off; also having more settings from in about config actually would not be bad at all i believe


Making moves

There's also no DNS settings on Firefox Mobile except i believe about:config, which is a HUGE deal if you think how say under which philosophy Android was made.

Making moves

There's also no webrtc local ip leak protection...