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Addon update annoyances

Making moves

Two small annoyances with the way addons update that I've noticed:

1. The about:addons page insists on opening every time an addon updates and requires new permissions - this appears to be unnecessary and is disruptive. Would be nice to just be able to click Update from the popup only, no matter which page I'm on.


2. Some addons insist on opening a "welcome" or "what's new" page upon their install, or even every update. Can we have an option to disable this behavior? It can be disruptive as addons update at random times (in the background) and all of a sudden you're seeing a webpage/tab that you didn't open, or even know why it's there (or which addon spawned it)! If you haven't opened your browser for a while, you could get many of these as your addons all update at once!




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1. It's not unecessary but for security.

2. addons can open tabs by themself and showing a welcome/info page can not be universally disabled. Instead you have to contact the individual addon maintainers ans ask for an option to disabled these notifications.


I haven't seen #1.

For #2, you could check over on the Ideas forum to see whether this has been submitted -- and vote it up with Kudos -- or submit one yourself

Making moves

I see others share my gripes as well here:

I think at the very least, these "What's new" tabs should load in the background.

Making moves

What is this?? The third update within a week? I work via FF, have 5 or 6 windows open to translate texts (MemSource), maintain a forum (MetaQuotes), develop my own projects, which is why the windows with many tabs always stay open, 7x24. And then when an update comes, suddenly no link opens. Then I have to force close all FF instances via TaskManager and then start again and then for everything and anything a) log in again and b) set all cookie agreements again. IT NERVES!!! Can't this be made more user friendly? Is it to show how hardworking the programmers are or to provide a user friendly product for the user. Would you recommend a car that 1, 2 or three times a week has to go to the workshop for an update and you have to make all the settings again afterwards???
THAT REALLY SUCKS!!! It hasn't been that way some time ago?

Hi gooly, there have been an unusually large number of rush updates this cycle. Mostly to fix crashes on various kinds of system. If you haven't already, you can use the Settings page (on Windows) or Preference page (on Mac) to set Firefox to show you a notification when an update is available, but let you choose when to install it. On the Settings/Preferences page, type update in the tiny search box to bring that section into view.

On Linux, this may not work because your package manager usually schedules updates.