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Don’t Like

Zoom set at 100% Default

Settings/General/Zoom/Default Zoom set at 100%


Annoyed at having to change: Zoom and Settings/General/Zoom/Default Zoom each time browser is

  1. Opened
  2. Closed and Reopened

Absolute Requirement

Default of Zoom and Settings/General/Zoom/Default Zoom determined by User until User decides to change defaults.

New member

Why doesn't the zoom stay saved?
Is that intentional, has always worked so far?
Please answer
Kind regards


Normally, Firefox saves the zoom level "per site" and when you load a new page from that site, either in the same tab or in a new tab, Firefox applies the saved zoom level. Sounds like that is not working for you at the moment.

If Firefox loses the zoom levels when you exit/quit, this could be due to clearing one category of history called "Site Settings" (previously known as "Site Preferences"). If your privacy settings do not save any history or if they clear history when Firefox closes, you may need to adjust those settings.

If Firefox doesn't seem to remember the zoom level from one site to the next, is it possible you turned on the privacy.resistFingerprinting feature? This feature overrides numerous normal behaviors.

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New member

Is there a way to use firefox at the Zoom settings i want or do i have to set it every time i open a screen, I like to set mine at 80% , why does it reset to 100% when i open another window.  Is there an option to set it at the desired zoom.



Making moves

YES   It's Awfull      PLEASE Mozilla   KEEP our choise of ZOOM

....and ALSO   please offer the possibility to choose our number as we want   63, 78, 75


NOW, it's a BIG problem with your new version.....Where is the advantage ?????????


NB If you continue I will go back to one another system !!!

New member

Zoom cannot be changed permanently - the window has always been too large lately - 67% used to be 100% please reset again, I don't feel like readjusting after each start

zoom lässt sich nicht dauerhaft ändern - in letzter zeit ist das Fenster immer zu gross - 67% war früher  100% bitte wert wieder zurücksetzen , habe keine Lust nach jedem Start neu zu justieren


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Can you please DO NOT change Page Zoom to 100% everytime you do an update?

You mess up with my settings.

and Why is an update every month guys?

can't keep up with it.

New member

Browser Settings

There needs to be a "SAVE" button on each of the settings pages so all the settings remain the same as I have set them. Because every time I have the "default zoom" set at 80%, whenever I open my browser it has reset itself back to 100% on my homepage. I get tired of having to reduce the zoom back down to 80% every time I use the browser because of a defective "default zoom" setting! I keep the browser up-to-date all the time, so I would think everything should be working correctly "all the time."

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Community Manager

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Making moves

Save the Zoom


It would be great if Firefox would save the selected zoom for a web page for the next visit.

Greetings from Germany


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I have an application in which I must set the zoom level to 75%. Firefox is the only browser I use that doesn't allow that. Extremely disappointing. I will need to switch to chrome, if there is no way to do this,

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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

Making moves

In almost every other software whn a default is set, it becomes just that, the default setting. Even mictosoft's office holds default settings the user sets. What's with it, Mozie? For some of use with deteriorating vision, needing to reset the zoom every blessed time firefox states is really irritating  (and possibly in violation of the ADA).