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Making moves
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I have several computers on residential UPSs. Today, the power at my home went out and I got the familiar ring from the UPSs that I was now on battery.

When MS shuts me down for say a security update (I use Win10) my computer seems to remember all my Firefox windows and tabs such that I can engage FF and it asks me if I want to open all previous tabs. GREAT!

When I have to turn off my computers for an unexpected power outage by the power company (I don't know how long it will last), I have to quickly shut down my computer(s) and don't have time to send the open tabs to my email or decide which to delete that I no longer need.

IDEA: If I select manual Windows Shut down w FF open, it would be nice when I reopen FF it too asks if I want to open all previous tabs and windows.

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