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Hello, I am Samuel. Firefox is a magnificent product, but the password manager is quite weird that it is not password protected naturally, so I need to give it a primary password. The problem now is I need to input that primary password many times even though I didn't use the password. I know it might be designed for security, so can you integrate it with Windows Hello like Chrome, so I can use fingerprints or IR camera when I need to input the primary password? Or you can reduce the scenery where I need to input the password and make it only happen when I am using the password manager? Thanks a lot.

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Upvote! I would highly appreciate that feature implementation too.

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Use Windows Password for Password Autofill

Like Microsoft Edge, We can use our windows passwords to auto fill the passwords

it is friendly for windows hello fingerprint users!


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Please add Windows Hello sign in for viewing saved logins

It would be very good if you add Windows Hello sign in for viewing saved logins just like other browsers. It would be very much convenient rather than always putting a Primary Password. I heartily support Team Mozilla and hope for the future in Mozilla only.

Thank You,
A Firefox lover.

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This would be great. Only suggestion would be to keep the primary password doing the encryption. Various password managers do the same and ask you to enter password from time to time so you dont forget it.

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Support the use of Windows Hello to make saved passwords more secure.

The use of Windows Hello to protect passwords on the device is already supported in the latest versions of Microsoft Edge and Chromium browsers. Using Windows Hello is significantly more experiential and secure than using a traditional "main password."

最新版本的Microsoft Edge和Chromium浏览器已经支持使用Windows Hello保护设备上的密码。与使用传统的“主密码”相比,使用Windows Hello的体验性和安全性明显更强。“

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Option to use Windows hello instead of primary/master password for password autofill

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Windows Hello/Touch ID as an alternative to Primary Password

Primary Password is a good idea if executed properly, however its current functionality is not very secure since it only asks for your password when you start a new Firefox session instead of every time you autofill a password.

I think an alternative that is more secure and convenient would be to have an option that uses Windows Hello or Touch ID (or whatever biometrics for mobile) to verify a user's identity EVERY TIME they view, use or change a saved login, like Safari does on iPhone and macOS.

Similar functionality is already available on desktop, but for some reason is exclusive to saved credit cards and addresses. This discrepancy between security features is really strange; usernames/passwords are of equal sensitivity as credit card information/addresses.

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As well as integrating with Windows Hello and TouchID.  It should work with the fingerprint reader on Linux.  It should also work with Howdy, to allow you to unlock with your face