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Sometimes ISPs Or Servers Or Cables or etc Have Problems So That downloads get Interrupted. It would be Very Nice if There Was an "Auto Resume" Function That would Automatically Resume Downloads That Have Not Been Cancelled by User. There Are Some Add-ons but they don't Seem to be Updated and as a result they don't work.

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I love the downloading speed of Firefox. But the issue I have with it is not have the ability to resume downloads in case of interruption or network failure. 

I would suggest resume mode should be included so that one can be able to resume download in case of network failure or unexpected disconnection. 

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Automatic Restart failed downloads.

Hello Firefox team,

Can we please have an automatic restart feature for failed downloads? This would be a great help as currently its needed to keep track of failed downloads and restart them, which wastes time.

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Community Manager

(Note: a similar idea has been merged into this thread)

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When there's a really big email attachment, I keep getting an error message about rights and disk space, and it refuses to download that email. A check with my ISP seems to point to an ongoing issue with Thunderbird itself. Recently, it got very annoying, and I had to go in per my webmail to clear the "offending" item. It appears to be a Thunderbird problem which is yet to be fixed.