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I actually have two small suggestions and added a corresponding screenshot, because a picture often says more than a thousand words... the corresponding buttons are marked in green.

in MS Outlook there is a mouse over button right in the message list, so you can delete the message you are previewing very fast. This button is left of the (favorite-)star of the message preview. Currently I must search the delete button on the right top of the message window (between "junk"-button and the "more" button). When you need to delete 20 or more emails, your eye is in the middle column and the mouse arrow very right. Using the touchpad on my laptop I frequently lose the aim on the button, so I cahnged to the "delete-key" on the keyboard, which again requires to change back to the mousepad to aim for other messages. Generally it just cost a few seconds, but many many many times per day (in my case 8 email accounts). This will sum up to a lot of life time...

the spam folder (and possibly also other folders). To keep track on what needs to be done, the "numbers" of unread messages per folder (in my case mostly spam) in the left folder list, is very useful. Every few days I enter the spam folder and double check if there is any important email false detected as spam. After I am done, I must select back the corresponding spam folder, right click, search in the very long drop down menue the point: "mark all messages as read" and continue with the next spam folder. If in the left folder-tree, there could be two buttons (maybe also mouse over) "mark as read" and "empty", this would be very efficient. Christmas would be, that everybody can define the function of such buttons in the properties menu, because maybe other people are used to organize themselves differently.

Happy day, you are evry great to make suuch helpful open source software, that helps our life a lot


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