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It could be very useful to ad some kind of warning phrase not to use very special characters. When again trying to login in to a website, and main password is asked, you might be in big trouble (like I just was).

I'll explain: here is the 'bug': to be extra well protected, I used very special characters on my Belgian Azerty keyboard for my main password on Firefox. Like Alt Gr + e (=€) and Alt Gr+Shift+z (=Ł). I wrote it down on a piece of paper, for safety. The main password was accepted and very, very safe. I exported the .CSV backup too and used the same password. Encrypted it with 7z. To my horror, the main password wasn't accepted afterwards. 7zip: same story.

This warning could also be useful for people with other keyboards, like the international querty, where there are also very special characters available with Alt Gr or Alt Gr+Shift.

I have this weekend to re-enter 124 passwords after having finished the main password delete process now. 🙄 Luckily, I had 5 backups in .odb, encrypted with my old password on 7z.

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