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Making moves
Status: In development

Can we have the opportunity to add a wallpaper in the new tab view? Like chrome or edge, that you can upload a picture and use it as a background in the new tab.

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Opposite. Decorating the look should be done by other browsers.

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while it can be achieved already with usercontent.css it still would be nice to have a simpler solution like in other browsers

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I think being able to use a picture as a background like Edge will be so much easier to use than

adding a URL which is a lot harder for me to do.  I also have the Edge browser and really like it.


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I think customising the background image of the new tab page is a simple way to make the browser feel like it's my own. Surprised this is not a feature already!

I really like how Chrome has themes with artwork from Black, Latino etc. artists— it's a nice way to feel connected to your community, and your browser. IMO the Colorways feature could be expanded to have meaningful, impactful artwork like that.

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I'm kinda shocked something that exists as a basic thing in other browsers (customizable wallpaper for home/newTab pages) isn't standard in this one.  'Sup with that?

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I imagine this shouldn't be too hard to implement. Would be nice to have without having to install an extra addon or edit the CSS.

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Have a wallpaper image above Pocket articles

Just to create a more elegant look.

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Please add a that user can set their own wallpaper from gallery or from any other source to set as home screen wallpaper.

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Add the ability to set the background of a new tab

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Custom Backgrounds/Wallpapers

I recently switched from opera GX to Firefox and I noticed you cannot change your background like you can on chrome or opera GX , this makes the background boring even with color.

I think we should be allowed to change our background to not just a solid color but a picture so it makes the site prettier and more personal to the user.

Status changed to: Exploring more
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all,

Back with an update...

This idea has been reviewed by our product team and we want to explore it more—this means that we're looking into personalization features as part of our New Tab roadmap this year.

Related idea here: New Tab/home page improvements 

Feel free to continue the conversation here in the comments and stay tuned for updates.


-The Community Team

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Homepage wallpaper

There should be an easy way to create wallpaper for new tabs.

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interface on the start page

sorry in advance if this suggestion is not useful, in my opinion for the start page interface on a tab you can add wallpaper to make it more attractive because I myself like to change the desktop and browser wallpaper according to my mood, so the interface on the first page of the tab can be changed as desired user will make the user feel more comfortable using the browser.
Maybe this does not bring a big influence for software development

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After displaying a new card or each card, this is white.
The FF offers in the extensions to manage the appearance, but only the top, where the instruments of the tools, which is nice, but little effective.
The point is that the entire open card area is white and when you have it opened, and you work in other smaller windows, the white color beats very much in the eyes.
I can allow the FF to allow the wallpaper, picture, or other color that does not pull the eyes?

well thank you

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Please add ability for Firefox to have Custom wallpapers. That is the only thing Firefox is lacking.

So, instead of seeing a Grey background all the time people can see wallpaper of there choice.