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Making moves
Status: New idea

I don't know how to better specify it, sorry if that title's confusing.
So, maybe I have a youtube video in a tab, and I go to watch the video 2 hours later, but then the site refreshes and says the video was made private.
Or, I'm browsing 4chan and have some images in multiple tabs. But after refreshing the page, particularly after restarting the computer, the site will give a 404.

I hope it's not a gray area to ask to be able to view content that has been intended to be hidden/deleted, but if it's possible (and if not please explain why), I would love if there was some implementation where when a page is refreshed I can click some "View old page data" button, which would show older "snapshots"

I imagine/hope this would be possible because when you view a 404'd image like on 4chan, your browser still shows you the image which iirc you can still interact/save, and my guess is the browser keeps some temporary data?

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Making moves

Wow. See this as a rant/explanation for how helpful this feature would be but yeah just kinda to rant;

I was writing and going to submit an extension request for some uni work, which yknow I put lots of thought and effort into and revised the text lots etc. And finally I press the submit button, then I'm taken to a new page: "Your session has expired. Log in." And now I've refreshed the site, made sure I'm logged in, returned to the form where I was writing my text, and it's all gone.

Super frusturating!!!!!! I would love when the site just redirected me for no reason, deleting all my text, if I could just press "Revert this bs and show me the temporary/unsaved data" and not have to write it all out again. Bloody hell.

P.s, till such a feature might come to exist, get in the habit of ctrl+a, ctrl+c'ing your writing before hitting submit just to be sure. Like youtube can just not post a comment and "shadow ban" it because it had naughty words but youtube didnt feel like saying "rewrite your post or you can't post it". instead they'll lie they posted it and thus throw your work into the endless pit of deleted data. infuriating.