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Status: In development

Would be nice to be able to use image upscaling on video players, as an optional feature you could toggle for any individual video player.

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I am sure, that AMD will have similar technology soon, given that they already had Fluid Motion video in the past and have FSR now. Please, implement this feature in such a way, that it will be easy to add AMD support, once they will have their video upscaling ready.

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+1 from me for Nvidia VSR

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I'd really appreciate Nvidia VSR being supported as well.

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BUMP, plz do this.

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Got here as soon as I read the NVIDIA update note. Sounds like RTX VSR really could be something. Really hope this will be implemented in Firefox too. Thanks in advance!

And like @Torbins mentioned, it would be ideal if this didn't interfere later on with other similar and upcoming technologies from team red. Let's be inclusive, yeah? 😁

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+1 we need this

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+1 nvidia vsr


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We definitely need this feature on Firefox.I am loyal to Firefox i don't want to switch to chromium based browser, anyway Firefox must ad this asap.

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VSR compatibility hype hype. Hope we get to have this too for the FF community

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I think AMD's open source FSR might be a better fit for ff

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it will be extrmely easy for mozilla devs to yank the zipfile from chrome and make it compatable with firefox, since chrome is simplya ripoff of firefox version 3.0 ajax code, the file extension name used back then was .xpi ,but even firefox quantum and versions past 60.2+ still support drag and drop extensions of similar types to be honest its justa fancy zip file witha slight header modification.

side note
i created a portable version of flash, java, and directx 10 using .xpt and .zul within a relabled zip file (.zip >> .xpi) thats literally only 642 kilobytes for flash and 1mb for dx and java combined(AS IT SHOULD BE) and its absolutely roaring fast for loading up those retro websites such as,, viddit and youtube etcetera + various other extremely fun websites. truth is flash is far from dead, and if you lack the skill required to install that u can simply run ruffle emulator from their nightly builds 🙂
-have fun out there gunmaker guardian

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+1 VSR

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becomes more and more interesting and important, since also intel seams preparing for upscaling in browser video with dGPU but also with there integrated GPU
- and there are a lot notebooks with intel iGPU out there...


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+1 For Nvidia Super Resolution support pl0x 😄

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The device running Microsoft VSR must also contain either an Nvidia RTX 20- / 30- / 40- series graphics card or an AMD Radeon series GPU from the RX5700 through to the RX7800.

Microsoft VSR doing great job by supporting amd cards also