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Making moves
Status: New idea

Firefox is completely bloated. There is no unified way to do things, for example there are like three places where you can add the currently visited site as a bookmark.

This is no needed, any I guess most users can live with just using the icon in the adress bar.

There is a Project called SimpleMenuWizard which includes lots of UserChrome.css enabling you to make Firefox less cluttered.

  1. Do not disable UserChrome.css support! I just want to say that. It is deactivated by default, and called legacy. I dont know why but this is a huge power of firefox, disabling it would make firefox less attractive
  2. Set "User modes" for these things. Firefox is completely bloated and people cant be forced to go to "the dangerous about:config", enable a LEGACY feature, find a place (not documented at all!) where the correct UserChrome.css settings are listed, modify them correctly and then have a browser looking normal

Normal users have to be able to use this simpler menu feature easily, not more hard. There should be checks where you can enable "I am a developer, I actually want to inspect sites". Who does that? I guess 90% of users dont, also there are many many different ways to access this feature.

Inspecting usability and barrier-free-ness is also not a default thing, as well as sending things per mail.

Also things like copy, paste, select all could be left out, as there are well known shortcuts everyone knows.

  1. There has to be an opt-in opt-out preference differentiation. Advanced features should be opt-in, others should be opt-out.
  2. Unify ways to do things... There are 3 ways to do all sorts of stuff, and it seems there is no structure on just leaving some out
  3. Give users access to all your UserChrome.css configs! Maybe also add presets users can switch between, there are really great layouts many people like.

This is such a powerful feature but its incredibly hard to use. And that its so hard is so absurd if you goal is to make firefox more userfriendly, especially for beginners.

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