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Status: In review

I use my bookmarks toolbar as a quick access for a lot of my links - on the left, i have the websites i browse every day, and then i have a bunch of folders in which i have all the other websites, organized by category (news, social networks, etc.).
While it's possible to give whatever name to the folders (including emojis), I wondered if it was possible to replace the folder icon by a customizable emoji - this would allow to put the newspaper emoji for the news folder, for example. It would also allow to only have an emoji (and no text nor folder icon) in order to gain space on the bookmarks toolbar.
I'm joining a picture of my current setup (on top), and what a setup with emoji replacing the folder icons would look like.

Emojis as Folder icons.png

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I really dislike the current icons, it's just depression.

Strollin' around

Removing identical folders that require labelling and replacing them with a descriptive emoji, within a folder, would be a game changer.

Personally, it would free up at least 20% of my toolbar, and my folders have no more 3 letters each - for example I have F for football, G for games, SoP for shopping and CaR for, well, car of course.  I imagine a world where folder icons might display a football, a controller, a carrier bag and a wheel within instead. 

I wouldn't bookmark them myself, but for sites a person might frequent whilst relaxing in a gentlemanly manner may I suggest a minor chess piece for the folders icon?

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Strollin' around

This feature along with many other bookmark recommendations would be very welcome to make the experience so much easier to manage websites.

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I would very much like this to become a thing with Bookmarks in general. But there is a way you can remove the folder icon from the bookmarks toolbar through userChrome.css, which would allow you to achieve the look that you want by naming your folder with the emoji that you want. I've only copied the relevant parts from the following sources:

Source: How to remove folder icons in Bookmarks Toolbar
Source: UserChrome.css - Hiding SUBmenu options


@namespace url(""); /* only needed once - remove if you are adding to an existing userChrome.css*/

/* hide icons for bookmark folders */
#personal-bookmarks .bookmark-item[container="true"] .toolbarbutton-icon {
menu.bookmark-item > .menu-iconic-left {