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Many sites do not offer dark mode since it's a lot of work to maintain both bright and dark and some companies/site owners frankly do not care. For some people, dark mode is really important because bright pages cause eye strain. Especially if all the other application and operating system is themed in dark mode.

There are extensions already that can force dark mode but usually, its based on some algorithm that guesses the right colors correctly from time to time.

This proposal is about using AI to analyze sites and figure out a good way to turn styles and assets into a dark mode in the best possible way. It can be a switch in the menu but also a setting that can be saved per site and or domain/URL pattern.


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Making moves

It's great idea, but unfortunately, there is a lot of ways to implement Dark mode in websites, using Javascript, Jquery, ready to use functions or styles. If AI can detect the page is black, firefox could be not change it, if site is dark but not gray or black, AI could be change color only to gray or black. If site is white, AI could be change all colors in site. It's bad that Firefox supports detecting dark mode ONLY FOR CSS, if you're using scripts to make dark mode in your site, for example (script to add second stylesheet with black colors only), or script to add prepared CSS, firefox can't reconize this way to detect if site is black or white. Firefox AI is good idea, but must have also detect, if site contains another stylesheets and scripts to change stylesheets.

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Hey all,

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