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Status: New idea

Show a flag/Alert/Note when an update is pending. It should display on the main page , maybe on the top bar. Not buried in a menu somewhere.

- Currently, the only way to know if an update is pending (that I'm aware of) is to go to HELP>ABOUT THUNDERBIRD.   Not something you do often.
- Periodically, TB will be running crappy and learn to find an update is pending.  Updating seems to get it running nicely again.
- This is the norm for many other software applications like OS's, Browsers and the like.

Background: Today my TB just plain stopped working.  It would load the headers but not show the email.  My spouse is complaining that the email on another PC was running poorly.  When I checked, both had an update pending and needing restart.  A lot of angst could be avoided by putting a flag on the main page when the update is pending like browsers and the OS does.

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Do you mean like this green dot that appears on the application menu whenever there is an update.


Or this menu entry in the underlying application menu offering to restart.

Those are of course not avaiable on Linux as, in Linux, upates revolve around update applications and builds of program actually compiled often by maintainers for the project.  Often using rather obscure command lines or overall GIU applications.  There is no way the Thunderbird team can notify of a "new" version in Linux as really they don't know when the new version will be released by the maintainers.

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The problem (if it can be called that) is that the user has to go to a menu item to check for updates or updates pending restart.

I don't know the nuances of the programming options.  I would like to see a note or flag on the main Thunerbird screen indicating what shows up in the menues or sub menues