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Making moves
Status: New idea

 Currently extensions are arranged/lit up by whether they have or need permissions to the current site. I had assumed the greyed out extensions were add-ons that were disabled.

Maybe the Unified Extensions feature could replicate the most useful features of the Add-ons Manager functionality (which is a separate, clunky tab).

1. List ALL add-ons, including disabled ones (just like Add-ons Manager, except in alphabetical order. This is because you can't Ctrl+F to Find an extension in Add-on Manager).

2. Each extension could have a enable/disable toggle. This would make it easy for testing/tinkering, and make it clear and accessible.

3. Change or remove the lengthy/confusing "can always read and change data on this site" etc. Maybe it could be an icon instead? I personally don't find it that useful.

Artist's rendition:



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I think the extensions with grayed text do not have a browser action defined. Before this Extensions menu was created, they could not be added to either the main part of the toolbar or the overflow menu.

Because this drop-down can become overly long, and currently cannot be reorganized, there is a discussion of layout ideas over here:

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yes please. i want simple enable/disable addons too!

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Great idea

Strollin' around

'Disable Extension' option in the 'Context Menu' on 'Extension Buttons'?

Can we have a 'Disable Extension' option in the right-button Context Menu on Extension Buttons? [There are already Manage, Remove, and a Report Extension options there] May be instead of almost-never-used 'Report Extension' option in the context menu, a 'Disable Extension' option [to be enabled later, when needed] would be better... or an option to customize that context menu as alternative...






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Please add this feature, it will be very helpful 

Making moves

I'll throw in a different voice: How is a separate tab "clunky"?

It allows a lot of interesting functionality that a pop-up, by necessity, cannot. For starters, it mirrors cleanly onto the mobile browser (a popup is always a problem there). It can show dynamically expanding areas for each addon. A tab is the native element of a modern browser anyways. It can dynamically arrange extensions according to screen width in multiple columns.

So, in fact, I'd go the opposite direction:

  1. Move the permissions over into the shield-menu, where privacy/safety/permissions are already situated and hence keep the UX consistent.
  2. Reduce the extension button to a single click-button that opens a new tab with the extensions. By default, place it in the overflow if anything else is in there.
  3. Invest UI time into the actual extensions screen instead. For started, it cannot yet adapt to wide screens vs mobile screens.
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It would be very convenient if you could turn addons on and off in that small window that opens by clicking on the addons icon, rather than going into settings and only turning them on and off there...

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)