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Making moves
Status: Trending idea

The current menu, although being Mv3-compatible, is very basic and simply shows all active add-ons without any option to anyhow customize it. Furthermore, this update removed an option to pin add-ons in the overflow menu, effectively making it useless, which obviously will not be welcomed by the users.

So, what can be done?

  • Re-add an option to pin add-ons in the list; all the add-ons that were pinned in the overflow list before will be re-pinned in the add-ons list after the update. It'd be also nice to have an option to change their order, although I'm not sure how this can be implemented (perhaps strip the overflow menu completely and replace it with the new one in the "Customize..." page?)
  • The "Add-ons" button will only show the pinned add-ons list first, and require an additional click to expand it to see the full list. If none of the add-ons are pinned, the button will only show the full list (like it does right now) foflo1_1.png
  • If some add-on needs new permissions, or requires permission to run on website, it will be shown on the top of the list in both of the lists, except if it was pinned by user before. It will also feature additional outline to draw the user's attention.foflo2_1.png


So, what do you think?

New member

my guy i have like the exact same x amount of extensions and i know their properties n stuff can you please just allow us to hide/unpin / stash in the toolbar icon editor until we want to do it or even better just put it in the settings menu. its annoying to look at, its just wasting space when i put the window in thin vertical mode. and its useless to some / allot of people. I know what im doing. and the extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled set to false method doesn't work. if i want to add another addon in the future i want it to be auto pinned. if i want to check its perms i want to be able to just go to the addon itself or to the settings. i do not like the button. its cool in theory if i were to actually need it. but i don't again its a nuisance.

New member

Could the extensions menu not just become searchable? Just give it a auto-focused search bar at the top whenever you open it.

Because a lot of times extension have their own special menus that control them, so it would be awesome to have a completely keyboard-only way of navigating them:

  1. Shortcut to open the extension menu
  2. Start typing to get to the extension you want
  3. Press Enter to open the extenion's specific sub-menu