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Status: New idea

I've recently made the switch to Firefox as my default browser on Android, for convenient syncing, as it's my default browser on my Linux desktop. there's one ingenious Chrome feature I miss in my mobile experience. that is the 'Contextual Search' or 'Touch to Search'. I think it can be done better in Firefox mobile.


it's a multifunctional bar that pops from the bottom (within a convenient thumb-reach), that can do numerous things:

  • run a quick search, on top of your viewed tab, of a highlighted term.
  • display a dictionary definition of the highlighted term (incredibly useful when reading articles). or if a whole sentence is selected, it shows a full translation of it to your language.
  • open links in a pop up preview panes (which is very time saving when browsing through a blog/magazine or doing a research, when you want to peek into a page or article to see if it's for your liking). 



edit, a suggestion I came up with:


would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Status changed to: New idea
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Indeed it would be very amazing to have. I just find out FF didn't have it(Kinda dumb of me tho,lol).

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I use the Chrome function many times everyday. It's so useful for me that I wouldn't use any other browser without the functionality, even if they offer extensions. Unless there is an extension that does that, which I'm not sure can be programmed.

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@Mustard4092totally agree. it's such a key feature that eases out the mobile browsing experience. I don't understand how it isn't shipped by default in all mobile browsers...

I do use Firefox even without the feature. I do not wish to use Google products... but I've missed this feature dearly since I made the switch.