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I feel I am lost when I open more than 10 tabs in a browser window. I want to be able to track back when I switch to another tab. For example, when I am working on the 8th tab, I need to switch to 21st tab. Then I want to switch back to 8th again. However, because the tab titles on top are very small, I can not find the tab from which I came.

My suggestion is adding a toggle feature to the tabs. When I want to switch back to previous tab which I was on, I could click once to the current active tab then the previous one appears in the window.

thank you for your consideration. I am around here on Twitter @zkanoca


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Making moves

Does Ctrl-Tab help with your current workflow?

I'm not sure if it's from an addon, or now builti-in, but when I press Ctrl-Tab, it shows me a list of recent tabs to  choose from.

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Firefox supports a keyboard shortcut to switch to the immediately previous tab: you can change Ctrl+Tab between switching tabs in tab bar order and switching in recent use order. When there are more than two tabs open, if you keep the Ctrl key depressed, Firefox displays a selection of recent tabs.


Currently, if you wanted to have a mouse-able option for that, you would need to install an add-on. Add-ons cannot assign a new left-click behavior to a tab, so they need to create a toolbar button and/or right-click menu item. I posted one a while ago if you want to take a look:



I forgot to mention: at the right end of the tab bar you can find the Tab Manager or "List All Tabs" button. Not a substitute for a one click tab switch, but useful for all the other cases when you need to see more tab title text: