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Making moves
Status: New idea

We already have Ctrl+Shift+N to reopen last closed window, so adding same functionality to Ctrl+Shift+T seems to kill its initial design.

Having multiple windows allows for separate workflows, and previously it was possible to use Ctrl+Shift+T to split them by using multiple windows, with each restoring only its contents. Also it was possible to remove a tab from that workflow by getting it out as a separate window and closing it there, thus not adding it to the closed tab, uh, queue. That helped a lot with opening - for one - messenger links that one weren't interested in keeping open or reopening.

The new mode seems to be popular with some users, though, so why not make it a toggle in settings?

Some points are also mentioned in the following discussion:

Some more points are mentioned in the following Idea's latest comments as well:

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New member

I totally second this. There's windows that I deliberately close and don't want to show up (say, distractions or personal stuff while at work). Having such windows pop out of nowhere is a real nuisance.

I know that lots of people don't know about the ctrl+shift+N shortcut and asked for that feature. But forcing everyone to follow their view should never have been an option. New additional features are good, but only if it doesn't disrupt existing functionalities. Having a button (or at least an advanced setting) to toggle such impactful features should always be considered.

New member

I also would greatly appreciate the old functionality being an option. Being able to reopen previously closed tabs on a per-window basis, or separately reopen a closed window was much nicer.

Strollin' around

Yes, please bring back the old functionality where it only restored tabs instead of windows. or at least make it accessible.

This changed feature is very annoying/distracting since when I close a window, I want it to be closed while I explore other windows and possibly restore their tabs.

Thank you in advance.

New member

Please bring back the old way, or a switch to enable it. It seems to have gone backwards in functionality now for people like me that used the window / tab re-opening as separate keys.

New member

+1 for this, went out of my way to search & comment, just an annoying change that didn't need to occur. Understand that people weren't aware of ctrl-shift-N, but should at least be a setting where the current behavior is default, and you can switch to the old behavior

New member

+1, really dislike the new behavior, N is for windows, T is for tabs

Strollin' around

Can we please get this toggle implemented already? Or just revert to the old functionality?

It's so frustrating to want to reopen a previously-used tab in a window, just for Firefox to have to pull up every last window and tab that was closed chronologically before thinking to open the tab in the freaking window I explicitly have focused.

I don't care that other people can't handle remembering 2 keyboard shortcuts. *I* can, and I'd like to keep them distinct. I don't like this trend of dumbing-down-the-product because you think the majority of your users are too stupid to learn how to use it properly.