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Hi All,

I would like in the next update of Thunderbird to add Y/N to moving a folder, I have many folders and sometimes I still have my  mouse active on a folder when I move it and the next thing I see is a message saying "Filters associated with this folder will be updated" I do not want to move it so can you put "do you want to move this folder Y/N" than if I put No don't move it, if I put Yes than put the next window up.

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Note the existence of the ConfirmFolderMove addon, unfortunately not working any more with recent versions of TB.

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I use the folder structure of Thunderbird very intensively and it happens to me again and again that I accidentally move a folder with a lot of mails while looking through the folders or because the PC was briefly lagging or for whatever reason without wanting to and I can no longer prevent 10,000 mails from being moved on the server.

From me a clear yes for a query!

Making moves

Let me add my support for this! Yes, it happens to me a lot, and since many of my folders have >30k messages, the move takes a while, and sometimes it takes a bit of effort to figure out where it accidentally moved.

I suppose some young highly dextrous programmers can click or double-click without risk of moving, but some of us (and I'm technically a "senior" now, though I never had really steady hands) have less steady hands so the mere act of clicking does include a bit of motion, and thus the folder gets moved accidentally. I have a lot of folders so wider spacing between them would cause me to not see some of them.

This is a no doubt really trivial to fix -- just add the yes/no dialog box "do you want to move this folder?"  It would be a tiny bit more complex to say "do you want to move this folder to ___?" and fill in the blank. And you could have an option to never ask, for the steady-handed crowd.