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Status: New idea

I recently have the issue that my current laptop has a technical issue, so I had to send it back to the manufacturer.

But while I can copy my link lists easily, I had no idea how to take my Thunderbird filters from the new laptop back to my old one. - Having over 140 filters, it's a very tedious thing, to (re-)create them for a couple of weeks (as long as the repair takes).

Have I overlooked something? - A great Idea would be, to be able just to send all filters as a bulk email to myself and just import them in Thunderbird on the other laptop (or other device).

And "Create filters" should be a more prominent thing. - I drown in SPAM, if I don't have my filters!

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Community Manager

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Export: Thunderbird's "Tools" -> "Export".
Inport: Thunderbird's "Tools" -> "Inport"